Vehicle Impound Related Questions:

Q:  How much will it cost to get my vehicle out of impound?

A:  This is impossible to answer here as there are many variables that the fees would be based on.  Such as the Impounding agency?  Was this just a impound with a drive able vehicle, or was it a recovery over the side of the roadway, or involved in an accident that may have taken longer to complete?  How long has it been in storage?  As there is a charge for each calendar day in our facility.  Does the impounding agency require a “release” from them first?  The best course of action is to call our office so that we can review your specific situation. 

Q:  What’s the purpose of a “Police Release” and if  I have to pay the police department for it, why do I have to pay Hamner Towing as well?

A:  A police release is simply a cost recovery fee for the impounding agency to cover the cost of their officer’s time and administrative staff.  It is totally independent from our fees at Hamner Towing.  We are not a governmental agency and our costs of doing business are not subsidized by your tax dollars.  The fees we charge are for the towing, storage and lien processing fees as they relate to your vehicle under our contractual agreement with the impounding agency.

Q:  What is the daily storage rate?

A:  Again, depends on the impounding agency as the rates can vary.  Currently storage rates are either $60 or $65 per calendar day.

Q:  Can I collect my belongings from my vehicle prior to claiming vehicle?

A:  Yes, as long as the registered owner is present with ID.  If you have no ties to the vehicle, the answer is “no”.  There is no fee for this access as long as you come in during business hours.  Otherwise an “after hours fee” will be applied.

Q:  What if the vehicle isn’t registered to me?

A:  We can only release property or the vehicle to the registered owner (RO).  Period.  There are only two exceptions.  One is to bring in a “Notarized Statement” granting permission from the RO to the individual who will be present in our office with a valid ID to handle all affairs related to the vehicle.  The second, is a “Power of Attorney” statement with a valid ID.  If the above two items aren’t possible, there is nothing we can do to help you. 

Q:  When can I come in to claim my vehicle?

A:  Any time you want.  However if on a holiday or outside normal business hours, you will be accessed an “After Hours Fee”. 

Q:  What is a “After Hours Fee”?

A:  This is a industry standard rate that is included with every law enforcement contract.  This fee covers our cost to bring in personnel to assist in handling the release either while they are off duty or taking them away other responsibilities to assist the dispatcher who cannot answer phones, the radio, or work the computer dispatch program while locating a vehicle in the yard and driving it out of the storage yard.

Q:  Why was my vehicle impounded?

A:  Ultimately this is a question you should be able to answer as we are simply the “tool” to assist law enforcement.  We have nothing to do with enforcing the law or granting the the “release” of the vehicle under impound.  If you don’t know the answer, seek assistance from the impounding agency. 

Q:  What if I believe I was wrongfully towed?

A:  The Impounding Agency – Law Enforcement is the place to start.  Especially if the impound was done at their direction.  If the impound was conducted as a Private Property Impound from a HOA or apartment community, property management is the best starting point.  Remember we are still just the tool.  Our services were summoned at the direction of someone else like the police, property management, or security in 99% of the cases.

Q:  How long do I have to get my vehicle out of impound?

A:  Depends again on what it was impounded for?  The sooner the better to cut down on the storage expense.  You can check with us for further direction.  If the vehicle is going to remain in our possession passed 30 days, it will be “clearing the lien sale process” soon and you want to learn what that date will be.  Once that date passes, the vehicle becomes ours to sell to try and offset our costs associated with the vehicle.  If the sale of the vehicle does not cover our expenses, the registered owner will be responsible for the difference.  Those outstanding fees eventually will be assigned to a collection agency to collect once we are done with our own internal attempts to collect on the debt.

Pricing Questions:

Q:  What information do we need to provide the efficient and cost effective service?  This question is NOT for “impound related” situations.

A:  We need to obtain addresses to the pick up point and destination along with contact info.  Complete vehicle info such as year, make, model, color and license plate if possible.  Other important info includes is it 4wd, loaded, lowered, raised, size tires and what seems to be the issue with the vehicle making our services necessary?

Q:  What does “Port to Port” mean with regard to our pricing?

A:  Simply put… the amount of time spent on your service request.  Time starts when dispatched to a driver and concludes when he is back in the Corona-Norco area to copy another call.  Therefore, if a tow takes us to Los Angeles, we will price accordingly to cover our travel time back to our area as the unit does us no good in a market we don’t have business opportunities in.  Flat rate towing is available for out of town (OPAR) tows to provide the customer with some peace of mind with regard to the our rates.  Traffic will effect rates so if possible, try to schedule service during non- commute hours when and if possible. 

Q:  Why is towing expensive?

A:  This depends on your perspective.  We do our best to provide the most cost effective services to our customers.  However, operating a transportation business involves a lot of cost variables in which many are outside our control.  Towing is actually a heavily regulated industry.  To be a legal operator, we must maintain expensive levels of insurance due to the dangerous environments we work in (on the side of the freeways typically with NO protection).  Due to this danger, our work comp insurance has a costly Ex Mod rating due to our industry regardless of our safety performance.  Fuel of course is a huge expense.  And you likely had no idea our typical light duty flatbed units cost OVER $100k new.  Our drivers are subjected to third party consistent drug testing and annual background checks.  The expenses add up.  Not to mention the cost of training and keeping certifications current, is also mandated along with annual CHP truck and equipment inspections.  If you thought towing is a inexpensive commodity or service, hopefully my description above helped provide you some new perspective.  A company providing you with a cheap rate should raise a red flag.  That operator is intentionally not exposing himself to the above requirements to be a legal business in order to save money at your risk.  Ask yourself… what happens if something goes wrong?  And what is your piece of mind worth to you?

Service Level Questions:

Q:  What is your service request response time?

A:  We have a less than 30 min average response rate.

Q:  What impacts customer wait times?

A:  Like you, we are not immune to traffic.  We have to sit in it too.  In Corona, this is especially true due to the city’s poor infrastructure or lack of alternate routes that help provide traffic relief.  Said another way, when the freeway backs up in Corona, the surface streets usually do as well.  Another reason is Corona has a lot of commuters that travel through the city.  Which means when they breakdown, their vehicles typically don’t stay in town and become longer distance tows that tie up resources.  We do our best to provide enough drivers based on volume trends we have been collecting and tracking data on for over 20 years. 

Service Area Related Questions:

Q:  How far do you go?

A:  We will go anywhere the customer is willing to compensate us.  Due to the size of our fleet and volume of service requests we handle that take us away from our home base, we can often respond quickly despite being outside the Corona-Norco area.  In fact, we have many fleet accounts located outside the city of Corona (From Rialto to Anaheim for example).  If we aren’t able to keep them satisfied, they’d seek services from companies located much closer to them.  This fact speaks volumes about the service we provide and the trust our accounts have in us.  If the timing of the event that requires our services isn’t ideal, our staff will provide a ETA and if that doesn’t work, we will offer other suggestions to assist the customer as much as possible. 

If under a AAA membership, we only cover a contract area encompassing the city limits of Corona.  AAA will not compensate us to travel to an outside contract area to provide service at a rate that will cover the distance and related expense.

Why Choose us?

We don’t cut corners.  We do everything the legal way as outlined above and throughout this website to provide our customers with the peace of mind that they made the correct decision in choosing us.  We’ve made the investments in equipment and personnel to ensure we can be your “one stop shop” for your towing, transport, and automotive repair needs.  Please contact us directly to discuss how we can best serve your unique situation or requirements.