We are continually looking for the best available products to enhance the safety and efficiency of our service to our accounts and customers.  Currently we are updating our fleet to low emission power units in an effort to become more “green”.  Besides this, we now have several flatbeds with the latest “Low Center of Gravity” (LCG) decks.  This greatly decreases the loading angle when loading low clearance vehicles, thus decreasing the possibility of damage.  See the photo below that depicts the difference in deck height from a new truck vs. an obsolete unit we traded in.



DISPATCH TECHNOLOGY:     Below is a snap shot of our primary dispatch desk center.  This photos shows our computerized dispatch log on one screen, individual service request info on another, and “real time” mapping and GPS and traffic conditions on another screen.  Beyond this, every desk top in our office has the capability to log in and assist dispatch during extreme volume spikes or to get exact call status for customer inquiries.

Dispatch Center 3