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Parking Solutions

Hamner Towing wants to be your solution for improving your parking situation.  Whether residential or commercial, negative parking issues can impact your business and property values or the perceived quality of life in apartment or condo complexes.  Available parking space can become a “hot commodity” when space is tight or wasted. In choosing Hamner Towing you are selecting a company committed to compliance under the laws of California which virtually guarantees no liability for the property owner and/or manager.  As a property owner or property manager, it is critical that you are very selective in the company you chose to contract with, is state law compliant. Signage that shows up on your property overnight, or if a company informs you not to worry, or they mention a signature is not required at time of service, can all be a good indication of a company that you want to stay away from as they are intentionally ignoring California Vehicle Code placing liability on the property owner and/or manager.

Hamner Towing goes above and beyond by providing the highest quality service to property owners while being respectful to vehicle owners. In many cases, the vehicle owner is a customer of the property owner, such as a tenant.  We understand this situation and know we must also be a positive and professional reflection of the calling party at all times.  We understand that this situation is uncomfortable for all parties involved and we take the extra care to provide a professional experience.  Call us today for a complimentary property consultation.

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